A mini-course for growth

More than just another template or webinar.


  • Build a 13-Week Cash Flow Statement

    Get clarity on where and how your cash is coming from and being used and then build a plan to manage it wisely. Learn how to build a 13-week cash flow statement from the top CFOs in the marketplace.

  • Revise Your 2020/21 Budget & Forecast

    2020 and 2021 are most likely not going to look like you thought they did back when you built your budget and forecast. Learn how to model out different scenarios using forecasting best practices.

  • Create a Strategic Plan to Grow Value

    Increase the chances you come out of the gates and capitalize on the future opportunities when our new "normal" sets in. Start thinking about how you can create a strategic plan to grow a valuable business that gives you choices.

Your Investment

Take control over your financials, cash flow and future by getting the data you need to make decisions

Course curriculum

Manage your cash and build a financial strategy that allows you to capitalize on the future opportunities that come from the crisis

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    13-Week Cash Flow Model (Videos, Templates & Instructions)

    • Introduction to the 13-Week Cash Flow Model

    • 13-Week Cash Flow Dashboard Overview

    • Projecting Accounts Receivable

    • Projecting Future Billings

    • Projecting Accounts Payable

    • Cash Flow Dashboard Summary

    • 13-Week Cash Flow Model - Downloadable Excel Template

    • 13-Week Cash Flow Model - Downloadable Step By Step Instructions

  • 3

    How to Build and Revise Your Budget and Forecast

    • Overview of Building a Budget from the Ground Up

    • Adding Your Sales Forecast to the Budget

    • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) - Labor and Operations

    • Allocating Costs, Tracking Margins and Understanding Profitability

    • Calculating SG&A, Trailing Twelve Months and Add Backs

    • Income Statement Wrap Up - Net Proceeds and EBITDA

    • Projecting Your Balance Sheet (Assets, Liabilities, Working Capital, Line of Credit and More)

    • How Effectively Are You Using Your Cash?

    • Building a Budget Summary - Running Scenarios & Big Picture Takeaways

  • 4

    Next Steps... Get Intentional with Your Future Growth

    • Next Steps: How To Get Clear, Get Intentional and Get Going.

    • Intentional Growth™ Assessment

    • Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation with Arkona

  • 5

    Bonus Videos from the Intentional Growth™ Digital Course

    • How to Build a Financial Strategy for Value Growth

    • What to Expect from the Intentional Growth™ Digital Course

    • Overview of the Intentional Growth™ 5 Principles

Watch Intro Video


13-Week Cash Flow Statement

Downloadable Dynamic Excel Template

Pat and Ryan give you a fully developed 13-week cash flow excel template that is yours to customize to your business. Inside the course there are videos and detailed instructions for you or your staff to follow as you make it your own.
13 week cash flow statement

Bonus Video:

How to Build a Financial Strategy to Setup Your Business for Growth, Acquisitions or an Exit

This 24 minute video is taken from Arkona's main Intentional Growth™ Digital Course and it covers in detail how to build out the financial strategy for a business using the 3 financial statements. It will show you how to tie all 3 statements together, build a trailing 12 month budget, future forecast and how to tie it into a strategic plan and target valuation.
Building Your Financial Strategy

The 3 Reasons You Should Sign Up

  • Learn how to build a cash flow statement from people who have bought, grown and sold companies.

  • Get the 13-week cash flow template and video tutorial with step by step instructions so you, your staff or your advisors can customize it to your business.

  • Learn how to build a financial strategy that allows you to come out of this crisis with a plan on to grow you company's value with an end in mind.

Arkona is Trusted By:


Ryan & Pat give you the best information on how to get clear on your cash flow and what you need to be doing now to set yourself up for the rest of 2020. The material is based on their dozens of acquisitions and decades of running multimillion dollar companies.

Pat Hobby

Arkona Co-Founder

Pat began his career at EY before launching his own outsourced CFO services company where he advise 15+ companies. One of his clients continued to grow so he joined the company full time for over 20 years where he helped accelerate the growth, do acquisitions and eventually sell it to the employees via an ESOP. Two and a half years later, he led the sale of the company to a PE firm – with tremendous benefit to the employees. Since then, Pat helped Co-Found Arkona to help change how owners grow and exit their businesses.

Ryan Tansom


Ryan Tansom helped turn around his struggling family business and then sell it for eight-figures. Since then, he’s dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs grow and exit their businesses. In addition to Arkona, Ryan is a serial entrepreneur and hosts the popular podcast Life After Business and delivers frequent keynotes. After thousands of meetings and hundreds of podcast interviews, he has his finger on the pulse of the market like few others.

Don't just take our word for it

“After going through the course I realized that 70% of the things we were working on in the business for the last few years were not creating long term value. I now have a clear EBITDA and valuation we are woking towards.”

Jim Fritz - CEO Kennedy Blue & The Wedding Shoppe

“During and after attending the boot camp, we clearly understood that our organization was not focused on the right things.”

Dave Girouard - CFO of Rack Processing

“Attending a boot camp gave me clarity on how to increase the value of my business and what I should be working on to create the options I want down the road.”

Ryan Blundell - CEO of Master Technology Group


  • What materials are included in the course?

    - 4 videos with both instructors - 13 week cash flow excel model - 3 page 'how to' support guide for the cash flow template - 30 minute consulting call at the end of the course -

  • Are the resources and tools downloadable?

    Yes, we make all the materials that are referenced in the course downloadable to their native format.

  • Do we get access to the instructors?

    The course comes with one complimentary 30 minute consulting call to review and discuss any topics you may have questions on.